In the meadows

Pornisem la o plimbare, fără gânduri mărețe de a face o sesiune foto. Dar pe drum, am dat peste un colț de grădină, și ne-a venit inspirația :D!

CopertaIMG_3820 IMG_3826 Untitled-1IMG_3833 IMG_3834 IMG_3835IMG_3839 IMG_3837IMG_3842IMG_3911IMG_3909IMG_3915IMG_3943IMG_3921IMG_3922IMG_3925IMG_3926IMG_3930IMG_3939IMG_3955IMG_3946IMG_3948IMG_3937IMG_4000IMG_3995IMG_4003IMG_4005IMG_4007IMG_3991IMG_4010IMG_4009IMG_4014IMG_4015IMG_4012IMG_4019IMG_4104IMG_4022IMG_4024IMG_4028IMG_4036IMG_4097

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